Creating growth through social media for your business

 We are a uniquely talented team of entrepreneurs, technologists and business experts that have come up with the next technology that can help businesses from small to Fortune 500 to reach customers through social media.


 Leveraging Social Media for Growth

There is a huge untapped billion-dollar market within the social media industry. We believe our new project 'Your Social Offers (YSO)' will create a tremendous growth potential for our clients, reward their customers and allow influencers to capitalize on their success. It is still partly confidential but will be launching initially at Sbarro's (TM) and Subway (TM) locations soon.

For Investors

and Partners

Pennexx Foods Inc. is currently redefining itself to address the needs of businesses. We will be positioned as a technology provider and are in a phase of development of our new project Your Social Offers (YSO), which we believe will create a new opportunity to tap into the billion-dollar social media market, create growth potential for businesses and generate revenue for influencers, while giving customers rewards.




We begin by identifying with businesses with the greatest growth potential.

We work with the stake holders and direct staff to determine the areas that can create the greatest opportunity for the business. These areas could be in technological innovation, marketing or operations. Working with staff and ownership before the planning stage gives us an opportunity to get everyone on board and ready to grow!


Planning & Forecast

Once the principal areas of opportunity to create growth are identified, we will produce a financial forecast and a plan of execution.

Our new technology is very simple to use and can be managed by the business. For larger corporate clients we can engage in tailored management agreements. Our social media technology helps to grow all businesses quickly and in a very affordable manner.


 Operation and Reporting

Our technology provides immediate feedback proving the success of the plan and reports can be easily downloaded.

During the operation and reporting, more ideas are sure to be identified. The plan can be constantly fine tuned to insure that the best success is achieved!

Are you interested?

We would love to discuss any business or related opportunities and if you are an investor or press we welcome you to contact us.